SICAP, SICAPNet, AUXeCAP pressure vessel software story

The story began in 1983. This year a company was created in Lyon (France) with the aim of developing software for the design of pressure vessels in accordance with the French calculation code CODAP ™.
The company was called SICAP for « Société Informatique de Conception d’APplications » and the SICAP software also for « Système Informatique de Calcul d’Appareils sous Pression ».
From the beginning, the collaboration with the SNCT (professional syndicate of the boilermaking trades) was major, with a common goal to give to the industrialists of the profession a recognized construction code and a powerful computer tool for its implementation.

The first version, written in Hewlett Packard’s proprietary programming language BASIC, was run on the manufacturer’s first desktop computers. The HP 85 was equipped with 16 kilobytes of RAM, a 16-line, 32-character screen, a thermal tape printer and a 210 kilobyte cassette drive.

Soon IBM Personal Computer PCs equipped with Microsoft’s MS-DOS operating system will be a must, and a new version of the software provides a high level of user comfort (hard disk, floppy disk, 80-column by 25-line screen, dot-matrix printer).

Later Windows replaces MS-DOS with a much more user-friendly user interface. The software then takes the turn of multi-windowing and dialog boxes. The partnership with Microsoft in software publishing becomes the second foundation of our business.

Then came Internet. Adopted by companies, it opens the door to a wider use of computer resources. It is then necessary to be able to quickly distribute software and its revisions, with downloads replacing physical media shipments. It must also be possible to use it outside the company’s offices. SICAPNet then satisfies these new usage patterns.

The technological revolutions are continuing (tablets, smartphones, Windows 7, 8 and 10), with new uses and new security constraints, but also the evolution of codes reference, standards and directives are leading us to consider a global overhaul of our software. In 2013, the new version of the software is put into operation and a new commercial name is given to it: AUXeCAP.

The story continues and our team remains faithful to the initial motivation of providing a high-performance tool, developed in France to meet the needs of manufacturers and meet the essential requirements of quality and service.

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