AUXeCAP review 2020

We are very pleased to announce the next delivery of our release of the AUXeCAP pressure vessel design solution.

We thought it necessary, after about 10 years of operation, to bring you a better comfort of use for our boiler computing software and all the features of your work environment.

Web site

This translates first of all into a new interface for the application’s website.
Your homepage now offers a complete, synthetic dashboard of your interactions with services (business and managers, support requests, consumed units, and activity tracking).
Pages dedicated to various services make it easy to navigate through the history. These same pages are sometimes available directly in the equipment design application.


We have strengthened security and abandoned the user « passport. » You are now the only one who knows your password. A procedure will of course allow you to reset it in case you forget (use the link « Have you forgotten your password? » login pages). You will be able to use your username or email to log in. Don’t forget to change your email if it has changed (you will then need to confirm this new email address).
In accordance with the RGPD, you can view, download and delete data attached to your user account.

Customer and interreding space

Several features have been added to your customer and business space. Your configuration options are now synchronized in the cloud. If you change workstations and reinstall the app, they will be automatically recovered.
A 1GB space is now open for storing your business in the corporate space. Backups and off-the-job work are provided without the need for any additional infrastructure or software.

And more …

Finally, and without this list being exhaustive, you will be able to discover

  • a more powerful and simple allowable parametric constraint calculation system for modifying « safety coefficients »
  • A global replacement function of a material in an equipment,
  • Non-intrusive alerts will be displayed for certain events related to your subscription or usage,
  • some features are now available in English. Choose the preferred language in your user profile.

Ps. To benefit from these new features, application installations will need to be updated.
AUXeCAP has an ongoing update process and no action is required.
SICAPNet, on the other hand, will have to be removed and reinstalled (Windows administration privilege required).